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At Central Wisconsin Homes Inc of Nekoosa, WI, modular homes are our business. Look no further for your new dream home! If you would like to learn more about modular homes, you can see some of our frequently asked questions on this page. If we haven't answered your question in our FAQ, just contact our office in Wisconsin Rapids and someone would be delighted to help you!

What is a modular home?

Modular homes are technologically advanced, have superior strength, are energy efficient, and environmentally sensitive. In addition, modular homes provide design flexibility, allowing for customization. Modular homes are built in sections in a factory setting, indoors, where they are never subjected to adverse weather conditions. The sections move through the factory, with the company's quality control department checking them after every step. Finished modules are covered for protection and then transported to your home site. They are placed on a pre-made foundation, joined, and completed by your local builder. A well-built modular home should have the same longevity as its site-built counterpart, increasing in value over time. Modular homes can also be customized.

How is a modular home built?

The building process begins at the design phase. State-of-the-art computer-aided design programs are used to customize floor plan drawings for customer approval. The physical construction process is similar to what you have seen during the construction of houses in your neighborhood. High-quality materials are used by skilled craftsmen to build the home. A formal quality control process provides assurance that your home meets or exceeds building code compliance and workmanship standards. In-plant inspectors, as well as independent inspection agencies, inspect the home on behalf of your state and local government. 

What is the difference between a modular home and a manufactured home?

Manufactured homes, sometimes referred to as mobile homes, are constructed to a different building code. The Federal Construction Safety Standards Act (HUD/CODE) required manufactured homes to be constructed on a non-removable steel chassis. Many communities have restrictions on where manufactured homes can be located. Wisconsin Homes are subject to the same building codes required by any state, county and specific locality as site-built homes. Therefore, building or zoning regulations do not restrict them. Evidence of building code inspection is normally shown by the application of a state or inspection agency label of approval. 

Can I design and customize my own modular home?

Yes, you can. You will have complete design flexibility, as long as the plans meet engineering and product specifications.

Are modular homes difficult to finance or insure?

There is no distinction between Wisconsin Homes and site-built homes as far as appraisal or financing. Banks and lending institutions treat both types of construction the same. Likewise, there is no difference in insuring the property. Many banks actually prefer Wisconsin Homes houses because of their known cost and clear understanding of the final product. Banks are more comfortable with a Wisconsin Homes house because of the number of homes built; consistent product and they do not have the headaches presented by some “fly-by-night” carpenters.

Is the resale value of a Wisconsin Homes modular home good?

Wisconsin Homes is subject to the same building codes and standards as site-built homes. Therefore, a Wisconsin Homes will appreciate the same way as a quality site-built home will. Wisconsin Homes has built a name based on quality.

How do I get pricing?

Central Wisconsin Homes Inc. is the Wisconsin Homes dealer in Wisconsin Rapids and the Central Wisconsin Area. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your future housing project. Click here to contact us.

Do I need to get other contractors for electrical, plumbing etc.?

Central Wisconsin Homes Inc. can simplify the home building process for you by providing a complete turn-key solution.

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